How to fold a Fox – Wie man einen Fuchs faltet

Fox baby.pdfA while ago Marc Sky a very talented Money-Origami artist offered his help to create folding instructions for my “Simple Fox”. So  many thanks to his effort you can now download the finished diagram he made and have fun folding:

Fox baby.pdf

By the way, have a look at his beautiful Origami models:

Vor längerer Zeit bot mir Marc Sky, ein talentierter Geld-Origami Künstler seine Hilfe bei der Erschaffung einer Faltanleitung für meinen “Einfacher Fuchs” an. Dank seiner Bemühungen könnt ihr nun das Diagramm herunterladen und Spaß beim nachfalten haben:

Fox baby.pdf

Nebenbei, schaut euch einmal seine wunderschönen Origami-Modelle an:


27 thoughts on “How to fold a Fox – Wie man einen Fuchs faltet

    1. Hi Jessica,
      the step 22 to 23 is only for the head relevant. Marc made a variation to the tail there but the way you folded it is completely right too and thank you. Thank you for folding my fox. 🙂

      1. It’s very lovely. But I can’t figure it out step 18. Maybe I did something wrong in step 17? I can’t figure it out the inner white flap that can go that way… 😦

  1. Ich bin noch eine Anfängerin und habe diesen Fuchs heute gefaltet, es war mein erstes schwierirgers Origami, habe vorher eher so was wie Frösche Schmetterlinge, Fische gemacht.

    Super Anleitung


    LG Quana

    1. could you please help me? upload the video or something?
      im addicted to fold this cute little baby fox. but i am simply stuck in step 18..

  2. I think this is so cute but i am stuck 16-18 it confuses me on how it got to it. Is there a video because im more of a video person.

  3. Hi!! I really love you fox!! looks amazing! But I can’t figure it out!! Step 16, 17 &18 are really confusing, is it a way you can upload a video of your making? I think that would help a lot of people in you site so we can made you beautiful fox.

  4. If I click on the download link it opens an instruction about folding a donkey, that also awesome, but not what i was looking for :/

  5. Is there a video for this cus step 18 is confusing me and ever step after that please? And thank you for the cute fox

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