Wise Cat – IIMORI Katze

Wise Cat (aka IIMORI Cat) by mitanei
Wise Cat (aka IIMORI Cat), a photo by mitanei on Flickr.

I wanted to create an elegant cat that shouldn’t be to hard to fold and because the traditional japanese “fish base” is one of my favorite bases to fold with, I used it as the foundation for this design. The second name “IIMORI CAT” came frome the source of inspiration for this model, a very nice french-japanese restaurant/cafe with the same name.

Folded from a square of 24 x 24cm Shiruku Shi paper.
Design by me.

Ich wollte eine elegante Katze, die nicht zu schwer zu falten sein sollte und da die traditionelle “Fisch-Grundform” eine meiner Lieblings-Grundformen ist, habe ich diese als Grundlage genommen. der Zweite Name “IIMORI Katze” stammt von der Inspirationsquelle dieses Models, einem gleichnamigen netten französisch-japanischem Restaurant/Cafe.

Gefaltet aus einem Stück 24 x 24 cm Shiruku Shi Papier.
Eignes design.


2 thoughts on “Wise Cat – IIMORI Katze

    1. Hi Jared,
      i can give you the link to a youtube video i made for the Wise Cat. It’s not meant to be as an instruction video, but you might still be able to refold it from that:

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