What folders do at an Origami Convention

Because a origami convention isn’t all about the exhibition, here are some other pictures of this incredible weekend:

And the viking helmet goes round and round…

The fallout

My failed elephant designs

Folding the Vampire Duck

These are gifts i received from two lovely women from switzerland after showing them how to fold my donkey.

Mask from Roberto Antonio Romero Hinostroza

Roberto showing us how to fold the mask


5 thoughts on “What folders do at an Origami Convention

  1. It was a great weekend! We did nothing but folding the whole day. I did teach some of my models and learned some new models from other folders too. I got very helpful tips from other origami artists and got to meet people from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria and of course Peru too.

    The vampire duck is a creation of Gerwin Sturm who folded it after seeing a comic of a vampire duck on a friends shirt.

  2. It is nice and a lot easier to learn a model from the person who actually invented it.
    You learn variations of the model and the person can explain how he or she has designed it. An origami artist showed us for example how a model can be improved through curves and tension folds. He explaind it with a simple origami box.

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