Preparations and an idea about a slipper

This week will be extremely stressful for me. I have to get some work done besides from origami and i must prepare myself for the German Origami Convention hosted by Origami Deutschland e.V. in Bonn-Röttgen.
For this i will fold and refold some of my models aswell as creating little notes for the origami exhibition there. I’m pretty exited to meet other origami folders and designers and get the chance to learn from them.
Luckily i can use Thursday excessively for the preparations as it is a holiday in Germany.

Another thing that went through my mind was the next facebook-challenge which i mistook to take place this weekend when it really runs from May 21st to May 23th.
The theme this time is “clothes” which inclueds everything one can wear. Because i had recently designed some hats and i had no idea for shirts, i thought that shoes might be interesting.
I decided to design lady-slippers. So now i have enough time (even a convention) to think and try.


3 thoughts on “Preparations and an idea about a slipper

  1. Mkay, so it took me until now to realise that – wir beide in Deutschland leben. 🙂 In diesem Sinne dir viel Spaß und frohen Austausch auf der Konferenz in Bonn!

  2. Ich hab’s mir schon gedacht bei dem Namen und deinem Blog.
    Nebenbei gesagt, super Idee!

    Danke dir! Ich bin schon ganz gespannt auf die Konferenz. Da werden sicherlich viele neue Ideen entstehen. 🙂

  3. Vielen dank. und gut zu wissen, dass nur ich so richtig auf dem Schlauch stand. 🙂

    Ja, das klingt echt spannend. ich kann mir gar nicht so richtig vorstellen, wie das abläuft und bin daher umso gespannter, was du berichtest.

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