Tiny horse or stallion?

tiny horse

Originally uploaded by mitanei

After i got some good advices for my first horse design, i tried to create a better one. After some failed attempts i managed to create a base for the horse that was more suitable for the body proportions. Since then i folded it uncountable times with simple origami paper.
I planned to refold it with craft paper on the last weekend but i failed as i was trying to shape the finished model with the wet-folding technique. The body of the horse got all wrinkly.

Today i refolded it with elephant hide, a very thick and strong paper. For that i used the previously gathered experience with wet-folding and methylcellulose to shape the final model.
Sadly i couldn’t take a good photo, so i uploaded this one with the tiny brother of my stallion.


2 thoughts on “Tiny horse or stallion?

  1. Thank you!
    i can recommend craft paper, elephant hide or water color paper for wet-folding. If you glue tissue paper together with methylcellulose you can also wet-fold it. You can get methylcellulose in every hardware store. I fixed the wet-folded parts with wire but you have to be careful that the paper doesn’t get wrinkly while it’s wet.

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