A horse from a donkey!


Originally uploaded by mitanei

I modified the base for my donkey a bit while i was looking through my “Passion Origami” book from Nicolas Terry. I noticed that i could use a similar technique than he used to create the mane for his lion. It didn’t result in a lion but i think it still fits this model.

This is the first horse design i ever made and ever folded, besides the unicorn from Satoshi Kamiya.

I used a square of 15 x 15 cm tissue foil but the paper wasn’t the best choice.

Anyway, i will experiment with this model some futher. I’m quite sure i can create a unicorn or a pegasus too.


5 thoughts on “A horse from a donkey!

  1. Thank you! The paper i used was a bit to small for the shaping and the model needs some rethinking on the proportions.

    1. Yes, the head might be a bit too big. I’m just impressed when people can actually make up their own models instead of just folding what diagrams tell them to. As I mostly do.

      1. It’s actually not that hard. I started with very simple models like boxes and stars. I also modified the origami bases to create something new. I designed my first animals by accident while i was playing around with paper. That still happens from time to time.

  2. The only times I ever created models was when I thought about reaching origami and didn’t think that would work with only traditional models. Most creative under pressure, that’s me. Oh, one of those was the dolphin you can see in my user pic and header.

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